Welcome To Our New Artists!

New fine art paintings are added every week here on Artogone by a selection of contemporary artists from Canada and beyond. Discover which artists have newly joined our online art gallery below.

John Kokkinos 

John Kokkinos is a Canadian artist born in Athens, Greece. He uses mixed techniques including watercolor, acrylic, chalk and ink on rice paper. His richly textured abstract artworks feature dynamic and rhythmic compositions that incorporate both geometric and abstract shapes. 

Anna Medvedeva

Born in Russia, Anna Medvedeva has lived and studied in Saint-Petersburg. Now working and living in Toronto, Canada, she creates dynamic, harmonious and colorful abstract artworks.

François Lauzier

François Lauzier has been hands on with wood for over 30 years. After obtaining a degree in Visual Arts at the CÉGEP of Saint-Jérôme in 1982, he perfected his skills in wood sculpting at the Quebec School of Furniture and Woodworking in Montreal.

Inspired by the richness and complexity of forms of nature, he creates works that bear witness to his fascination with the evolution and metamorphosis of the living world. His work is a tribute to the astonishing complexity and diversity of life forms that inhabit our planet. The creation of his sculptures uses different types of woods such as black walnut, ash, maple, and cherrywood.

Ariane Dubois

Ariane Dubois is a contemporary artist from Boisbriand, just north of Montreal, Canada. Her ethereal paintings are inspired by natural landscapes. They are composed of organic forms and patterns. She works by layering different mediums, adding depth and texture to each unique composition.

Hanna MacNaughtan

Born in a small town in the state of New York, Hanna MacNaughtan works and lives in soustheastern Ontario, Canada. Her serene and delicate paintings are inspired by the colors, textures and sounds of nature that surround her home.


Lo was born in Mount St.Martin, France. He now lives in Quebec and Ontario, alternating between cities. The striking realism of his nautical scenes and depictions of marinas are sure to inspire a sense of adventure.

Kate Ryckman

Based just outside of Ottawa, Canada, Kate Ryckman is a mixed media artist that draws inspiration from her yoga and meditation practices. She uses mixed mediums to create delightfully expressive floral paintings.

Loretta Kaltenhauser

The contemporary Canadian artist Loretta Kaltenhauser is based in Cobourg, Ontario. Her colorful landscape paintings and abstract artworks combine angular geometric lines with more organic shapes, colors and textures.

Peter Fischer

Living in Dundas, Ontario, Peter Fischer is a Canadian artist inspired by the natural world. His placid paintings of organic patterns and textures are executed with great minutiae and care.

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