Tips For Purchasing Your First Artwork

Purchasing your first work of art can seem intimidating, especially when you're just starting out. Here are a few tips from the Artogone team to guide you in your decisions and make the overall experience more enjoyable.

Have Fun
When it comes to buying art for your home or office space, you should trust in your instincts first. Look for artworks that inspire you, that brighten you mood and reflect the way you want to feel in your space. Having a list of criteria can help you narrow down your choices. On the other hand, being open to options that feel right is key. Always remember to fall in love with the art you buy!

Dare to Be Bold
Building a color palette can come in handy when designing or renovating a space. This being said, don’t limit yourself to choosing an artwork solely for it to fit within your decor. Whether your interior is colorful and eclectic or calmingly cozy, show your true colors by buying art that reflects your personality.

Get Inspired
The best way to determine which kind of art you enjoy is to expose yourself to as much art as possible.
Visit your local art galleries and museums, as they are essential parts of a broader cultural ecosystem. Staying home? Many art exhibitions and publications are now available online. Not only will you discover new art, you’ll sharpen your critical thinking skills. Also make sure to visit the Artogone shop on a regular basis – new artworks are uploaded weekly!

Envision the Artwork in Your Space
If you’ve already chosen where you’d like to hang your new art piece, determine which shape and size would be the best fit. As a rule, horizontal canvases look great over a couch, dining table, desk or bed. Vertical canvases can fit between windows and give the illusion of elongating your walls. A square or round canvas (tondo) can be versatile and have a more contemporary feel. Think of what you’d like the overall effect to be.

Not sure how to hang your first artwork? All you’ll need is a hammer, a level and maybe a friend with a good aesthetic eye. All artworks sold on Artogone will be shipped to you ready to be hung.

Become an Ambassador
By purchasing an original artwork from an artist that you love, you become an ambassador for their work. Flaunt your good taste and watch the artist’s career flourish. Building your collection can take time, money and wall space. But we all need to start somewhere! With every piece of art you buy, you are investing in your happiness, in your home and in your future. By shopping on Artogone, we ensure that you are choosing from a selection of curated artists, chosen for the quality of their work.

Artogone Can Help
Our team can assist you purchasing an artwork according to your needs, preferences, budget and wall space. We can also prepare a digital photomontage to help you visualize the piece in your home or office. Simply send us a photo of your space at and indicate which artworks you’d like. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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