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Phil Carrière

Phil Carrière is a photographer from Maniwaki, Quebec, now living in Montreal. Stronly inspired by music, his images transmit a sound, a rhythm. Using a unique printing technology, he brings his photographs to life.


Born in Maniwaki Quebec in 1980. Phil Carrière is in the constant quest for learning, and pushing his limits. He is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer who graduated in cabinet making. He worked for over 18 years in the field of printing and woodworking.

His passion for design and arts brought him to photography. It’s curiosity and devotion to different printing technologies and the wide variety of materials that motivates him to discover unique and remarkable finishing processes. Real explorer and open minded, his passions come to life in his art. Here, woodworking meets photography.

​In 2016, Phil Carriere has received a Photography degree from College Marsan in Montreal. His photography style keeps on improving and he is constantly on the quest of finding ways to finish his pictures, ways that have never being done before.

Phil Carriere

Discover his works currently available in his workshop:

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