Isabelle Rivest’s Blossoming Artworks

Isabelle Rivet’s love for art, music and her family shines through with every piece she paints. Continue reading to discover how Rivest creates her delicate and playful artworks from her home studio.

Artogone: Tell us about your workspace.

Isabelle Rivest: I work in a very clean environment so that nothing can disturb my thoughts. I want to stay focused on what I have in mind. Music helps me focus, so there’s always a good vibe going on.

What does a day in the studio look like for you?

I work from home so a day in the studio can be very busy! Whenever I’m waiting for a layer to dry, I enjoy playing with my baby daughter.

Do you sometimes listen to music, radio shows or podcasts while you work? If so, can you share what you enjoy listening to the most?

As I mentioned earlier, I love working with music. Bon Iver, Billie Eilish and my wedding playlist always put me in a good mood. I also enjoy listening to podcasts while I work. Especially those featuring Joe Dispenza.

Your artworks are very rich in texture. Without giving away too many secrets, how are you able to create such satisfyingly tactile works?

I take high quality acrylics paints (Golden) and mix them with… texture (secret!). The richness of Golden paints makes it so that the colors don’t fade when they are mixed. 

This Is Now by Isabelle Rivest
Some Kind of Wonderful by Isabelle Rivest

As someone who has been creative from an early age, how has your relationship with art developed over the years?

I have always been attracted by art in its many forms but it wasn’t until I met my husband, who’s an art historian, that I really decided to “try” to be an artist. He was really encouraging regarding my passion for painting. We visited a lot of museums and galleries together. This helped me create my own style. The more I see, the more I learn and get inspired but I try to avoid as best as I can doing things like other artists. 

What inspires you to make art or motivates you to keep being creative?

It’s what I love! I want to keep evolving and always keep searching for the next step. I know the best is always yet to come even when today is better than yesterday.

What else would you like our community of art lovers to know?

I am very close to my feelings and I try to translate them as best as I can in my works. Luckily, most of these feelings are happy thoughts as I feel I am blessed by everything that is happening to me since I started this “art journey”. Also, I get really inspired by music and by my husband’s poems. You might have noticed this through some of my titles!

Discover the artworks currently available in the artist’s studio:

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