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Vendor Biography

Hélène Caron was born in Laval and currently resides in Blainville, Quebec.  Animals and visual arts are part of the artist’s life since childhood. Little, she was already drawing animals, (especially horses) for hours without ever getting tired.

Her art is known for its vibrant colors, technique and subjects that leave no one indifferent. The contemporary realism of her work make defines with remarkable accuracy the balance between the horses, the textures of the work and the excitement generated by her subject. Hélène’s works always feed curiosity and sensitivity for those who watch as her animals have profound glances that speak to you, scrutinizing you, question you.

Hélène Caron love’s to marry contemporary and abstract figurative. The animals are painted in different colors and the bottom is usually left blank, leaving a space around the subject which gives harmony and a certain serenity to the work. Mostly made on wood, the artist uses acrylic with tools such as knives and spatulas, and different texture gels and pastes to add relief.  Since 2010, Hélène Caron devoted herself entirely to her art. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Quebec and Ontario and has received several awards of distinction. Her works are part of many private and corporate collections throughout the world.  She has been represented by Cavalia Art Gallery for her horse paintings and she is now represented by great art galleries in Canada and in USA.