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Vendor Biography

Born in 1963, in a suburb of Paris, Agnès Robin has lived in Montreal for over 30 years. Based in Terrasse Vaudreuil, where she works from her home studio, she always adds a personal touch to her favorite subject: portraiture.


Moving away from her previous career, she choses to travel the world, which revives her love for art. Upon returning from her travels, she obtains a college degree in Presentation design, earning two grants. This further solidifies her new career choice.


Following her work experiences in various design studios, she launches her own business named “Artifiss”.


As a self-taught artist, she began to experiment with different mediums such as collage, ink, pastels. Painting now holds an important place in her life. She participates in numerous collaborative exhibitions, as well as solo exhibitions and the Mtl en art symposium.