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Artogone is an art gallery that offers the works of outstanding artists. A selection has been made by our curators in order to guarantee you this: Artogone's artists are established professionals with an enviable reputation, and are collected by admirers and connoisseurs from all over the world. They are the artists to follow.
Via its web platform, Artogone gives you access to the inventory of its artists' studios (before they send them to the various galleries representing them). You see everything before anyone else, you see the true price, and you buy directly from the artist.

And it’s easy, just register and follow the instructions below:

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The Artogone company is the idea of two entrepreneurs who have been in the art market for over twenty years.

They are the owners of one of the most respected galleries in Canada, Galerie Bloom, which is located in Montreal and has been in business for several years.  The gallery is very popular, with close to one million visitors a year.

The gallery represents 50 renowned Canadian artists whose work can be seen on the gallery walls.  The gallery stands out as a pioneer by also offering an online gallery and boutique.

"With our expertise and contacts, we decided to create an environment that will push the physical limits of a traditional gallery.  There are so many good artists to discover and get to know, we wanted to present more, and that's what we can do with Artogone's offer.  We want to make the visual arts accessible. Artists are selected here, like in a real gallery.  We promote professionals, to ensure the quality of the work, its value, its perennity."
Julien Michaud
Julien Michaud